Port Kembla NSW – Port Kembla Terminal


Administration Ph: +61 2 4221 0900
Rec & Del Office  Ph: +61 2 4221 0920/1

Port Kembla Terminal is located at Berths 105 106 and 107, Yampi Way (off Tom Thumb road), Port Kembla. An additional Berth, 103 was completed in late 2008 and is designed as a multi-purpose facility catering for motor vehicles, general cargo and containers. The Terminal has a total area of 44 hectares.

The Facilities

The site complies with all Australian Customs requirements and operates as a 24/7 facility. It is operated as an open access regime allowing any stevedore or PDI operator to apply to operate from the terminal.

The buildings on the site provide modern and clean amenities for stevedores, office personnel and visitors. There is 24/7 onsite security with the main entrance is security controlled at all times.
The Terminal currently has undercover storage capacity of 18,000 square metres.

AAT Port Kembla Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)

Berth Priority Rules

AAT allocates Berths in accordance with PKPC’s Port Parameters and Berthing Guidelines. Refer to PKPC Berthing Priorities

Open Access Regime

The facilities are operated under an open-access regime. Any stevedore or PDI operator may apply to have access to the site to service their customers. The access is on a non-discriminatory basis so that all parties are provided services to the same level.

Stevedores or PDI operators seeking access can apply through AAT who will provide a stevedore licence or PDI sub-lease to approved applicants. Tariffs are published and are available to all umarkets com parties seeking access to the site. The tariff will be displayed at the site and are published on the AAT website. Within the stevedore licence, dispute resolution procedures are provided to enable parties to resolve any issues that may arise.

General Facts and Services

Port Kembla Terminal has 24/7 available access. AAT’s Receival and Delivery operations are Mon to Fri 0600 – 1400hrs. Additional hours and shifts can be negotiated with Terminal management.

AAT Services
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Roll-on Roll-off Handling
  • Break Bulk Cargo
  • Container Handling
  • Reefers
  • Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Storage
  • AQIS approved Services
  • Pack / Unpack Mafi Cargo
  • Rail Services
Cranes:                 Fleet # SWL
Liebherr Crane L3 100T
Kalmar DRU450 R01 57T
Kalmar DRG1300 R03 130T
Kalmar DRG1300 R04 130T


Kalmar Reach Stacker R02 45T
Top Frame Omega F36 40T
Low Mast Omega F88 32T
Low Mast Omega F89 32T
Low Mast Omega F90 32T
Low Mast Omega F94 32T
Low Mast Hyster F29 18T
Low Mast Hyster F28 18T
High Mast Kalmar F27 16T
Low Mast SMV F26 16T
Low Mast Omega F25 16T
Low Mast Kalmar F24 16T
Low Mast Kalmar F21 16T
Hyster F61 8T
Hyster F62 8T
Hyster F80 7T
Hyster F59 7T
Hyster F69 7T
Hyster F25 5T
Hyster F23 5T
Clark F30 3T
Hyster F28 3T
Hyster F22 2T


Tugs/Dock Truck:           


Scissor Lifts:
Haulotte SC01 230kgs
Haulotte SC02 230kgs
Berth Information – Port Kembla
BERTH 103 Length 180m
(Berth Box 240 mtrs)
Vessels to 200 mtrs TBC
Draft 14.4 + Tide – 0.3m
BERTH 105/106 Total length 105/106 430m + 80m dolphin berth
BERTH 105 Length 190m + 80m Dolphin
Draft 15.1 + Tide – 0.3m
Height above Low Water 3.26m
BERTH 105 Approx Length & Width of Platform 40 m x 40 m
(PLATFORM EXTENSION) Bridge Roadway Width 8 Metres
Weight Loads to suite forklifts such as
54D 54E – 25 T for each 4 wheels
BERTH 106 Length 240m
Draft 14.2 + Tide – 0.3m
Height above Low Water 3.26m
BERTH 107 Length 290m
Draft 12.2 + Tide – 0.3m
Height above Low Water 4.2m


Note: As berthing pocket depths vary with time please confirm with NSW Ports Authority

Cargo Assist

Please note that Cargo Assist is no longer available for Port Kembla and Fisherman Islands users. For Port Kembla and Fisherman Islands enquiries, please click on TOMP.