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Rec & Del Office – Ph: +61 3 8698 6931 or +61 3 8698 6932

Appleton Dock in its 60 plus years of history is designed and traditionally operated as a multi-purpose general cargo facility catering for general, bulk, project cargos and containers. The Terminal encompass four wharves along Yarra river and has a total area of 10 hectares.

Since 2014 Appleton Dock, redeveloped by AAT, operated in many capacities including the vehicle and RORO terminal. Today Appleton Dock can handle vessels up to 270m long and provide quality service and facility to store and handle various types of general cargo and containers.

AAT manages berthage, wharf space and delivers various services, including R&D, to third-party stevedoring companies.

The Facilities

The site complies with all Australian Customs and Biosecurity requirements and operates as a 24/7 facility. It runs in an open access site regime allowing any licenced stevedore or transport provider to entry the terminal.

Receival and delivery services, provided by AAT, are operated Monday to Friday from 06:00 AM until 02:00 PM.

The buildings on the site provide amenities for stevedores, office personnel and visitors. The site is security controlled at all times.

The Terminal has undercover storage capacity of 10,000 square metres.

Open Access Regime

The facilities are operated under an open-access regime. Any terminal operator may apply to have access to the site to service their customers. The access is on a non-discriminatory basis so that all parties are provided services to the same level.

Stevedores or transport operators seeking access to the terminal can apply through AAT who will provide a stevedore licence or permission access to approved applicants.

Terminal tariffs are published on the AAT website.

Within the stevedore licence, dispute resolution procedures are provided to enable parties to resolve any issues that may arise.

General Facts and Services

Appleton Dock Terminal has 24/7 available access. AAT’s Receival and Delivery operations are Mon to Fri from 0600 to 13.30. Additional hours and shifts can be negotiated as required.

AAT Services
  • General Cargo
  • Break Bulk Cargo
  • Project Cargo
  • Container Handling
  • Reefers
  • Dangerous Goods Handling
  • Storage
  • Biosecurity approved Services (4.6 Fumigation)
Equipment on Site


Low Mast Omega             F092                       SWL   32

Low Mast Omega             F093                       SWL   32

Low Mast Omega             F007                       SWL   32

Low Mast Omega             F94                          SWL   32

Top Frame Omega           F37                          SWL   40

Top Frame Omega           F38                          SWL   40

Low Mast Hyster              F20                          SWL   16

Low Mast Omega             F19                           SWL   16

Low Mast Omega             F15                           SWL   16

Low Mast Kalmar             F23                          SWL   16

Low Mast Kalmar             F39                          SWL   16

Low Mast Kalmar             F40                          SWL   16

High Mast Kalmar            F41, 42, 43, 44      SWL   16

Low Mast Clark                 F07                          SWL   7

Hyster                                  F23-05                   SWL    4

Tugs/ Dock Truck:

TERBERG              PM08                    150T

SISU                        PM01 / PM03      80T


Total Berth Length:                         750m

Maintained depth(m):                    10.7

Max ship’s draught at berth:         10.1

For detailed information please refer to Harbour Master’s Directions & Port Information Guide.

Cargo Assist

Please note that Cargo Assist is no longer available for Port Kembla and Fisherman Islands users. For Port Kembla and Fisherman Islands enquiries, please click on TOMP.