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OverviewQLD – Fisherman Islands Cargo Terminal


Administration Ph: +61 7 3909 3000

Rec & Del Office Ph: +61 7 3909 3013/14

Fisherman Islands Cargo Terminal is located at Berths 1 to 3, Port Drive, Port of Brisbane and is readily accessible by road from Port Drive. It is designed as a multi-purpose facility catering for motor vehicles, general cargo and containers within a total area of 26 hectares.

The site complies with all Australian Customs requirements and operates as a 24/7 facility. It is operated as an open access regime allowing any stevedore or PDI operator to apply to operate from the terminal.

The buildings on the site provide modern and clean amenities for stevedores, office personnel and visitors. There is 24/7 onsite security with the main entrance is security controlled at all times.

Fisherman Islands Cargo terminal also provides AQIS approved washing facilities for motor vehicles, mobile equipment and containers.

Open Access Regime

The facilities are operated under an open-access regime. Any stevedore or PDI operator may apply to have access to the site to service their customers. The access is on a non-discriminatory basis so that all parties are provided services to the same level.

Stevedores or PDI operators seeking access can apply through AAT who will provide a stevedore licence or PDI sub-lease to approved applicants. Tariffs are published and are available to all parties seeking access to the site. The tariff will be displayed at the site and are published below. Within the stevedore licence, dispute resolution procedures are provided to enable parties to resolve any issues that may arise.

General Facts and Services

  • The Fisherman Islands facility operates 24/7
  • Road access is available from Port Drive.
  • There are 3 Berths available for a total of 700 metres.
  • The berth has a maximum depth of 14 metres.
  • The facilities provide the ability to handle most cargoes except dry and wet bulk.
  • Full range of machinery provided to handle most size cargo, includes 1 x Gottwald mobile harbour crane and 1 x Deer Park gantry crane.
  • Full CCTV security monitoring system Security lighting.
  • Road Transport access for B Double Vehicles

Cargo Assist

Please note that Cargo Assist is no longer available for Port Kembla and Fisherman Islands users. For Port Kembla and Fisherman Islands enquiries, please click on TOMP.