• Level 27, 45 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

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Administration – Ph: +61 3 8698 6935

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AAT commenced common user facility operations at Appleton Dock on the 1st of April 2014.

Appleton Dock in its 50 plus years of history has traditionally operated as a general cargo wharf. In 2013/2014 the Port of Melbourne Corporation and Australian Amalgamated Terminals invested significantly in upgrading Appleton Dock to accommodate additional PCC, PCTC and Ro Ro vessels that would be potentially displaced by the closure of East Webb Dock for redevelopment as Melbourne’s third international container terminal.

Appleton Dock has now been redeveloped by AAT to handle vessels up to two 265 metres LOA and provide capacity of in excess of 3,500 cars in fully line marked and numbered auto lanes or multiple pieces of break bulk cargo of Mafi loads.

AAT Appleton Dock also provides heavy crane lift services for import or export and can handle project cargoes.

AAT’s safety, operating and management blueprint has been applied to Appleton Dock in line with its other operating terminals in Fisherman’s Island QLD, Port Kembla NSW, Outer Harbour SA & Webb Dock West VIC to ensure the quality of services received are world class.

Cargo Assist

Please note that Cargo Assist is no longer available for Port Kembla and Fisherman Islands users. For Port Kembla and Fisherman Islands enquiries, please click on TOMP.