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Our companyAbout AAT​

AAT’s facilities handle various cargoes including import and export motor vehicles, general cargo and containers. A range of terminal services are offered at these facilities by AAT including crane hire, cargo recevial and delivery, short, medium and long term storage (by arrangement) and motor vehicles inspections.

AAT is also a QAP (Quarantine Approved Premises) and provide quarantine approved services including a full wash services via a QAP approved wash bay, cargo inspections (vehicles/general cargo/containers), pack and unpack services and contamination treatment.

AAT offers fully approved Australian Customs integrated systems and procedures for stevedores and their contracted shipping lines as well as access for approved users to AAT’s online portal for real-time cargo tracking information.

AAT operates non-discriminatory facilities for any approved and licensed stevedores having a requirement to use AAT’s facilities. AAT is committed to, and meets all requirements for the Federal Maritime Security Regulations. Our scheduled rates are available for download in the Tariffs section on this website.

For operating information at specific terminals please select the location or locations of interest from within the AAT website. To find out more on any of our facilities, terminals or operating requirements please contact us with your specific requirements. Confidentiality is assured.

Cargo Assist

Please note that Cargo Assist is no longer available for Port Kembla and Fisherman Islands users. For Port Kembla and Fisherman Islands enquiries, please click on TOMP.